Search Engine Marketing

Get found on page 1 of Google ! We make sure that customers can find you online.....

Get Found On Page 1 Of Google! Millions Of People Are Actively Searching On The Big Three Search Engines: Google , Bing & Yahoo! Every Day, Looking For Products And Services To Buy.

To quickly test your online visibility, go ahead and Google the products or services you sell and look at the results. Do you show up on page one of Google? 91% of searchers never go past page 1, so we want to make sure you get page 1 exposure in order to increase your profitability.

There are two basic ways that searchers on Google and other search engines can find your business, services, or products online. One way is called SEM or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. This form of advertising functions in a manner similar to the way it sounds. You (the advertiser) pay Google for ads based on usage (either clicks or calls).

For example, let's pretend you have a dental business located in Boston, MA and you want to advertise your business on Google. Using Pay Per Click advertising, we can set up a specific advertising budget; for example $500 per month. We can organize a campaign for you to include certain keywords which pertain to the services you offer. For example, if someone located within a 30 mile radius from your dental practice location conducts a search for "dental implants" on Google on her mobile device or laptop, your advertisement for "dental implants" can appear on page one of the Google search results. This is called an "impression". Your ad is appearing for the searcher to view, but you will not be charged until the searcher decides to click on your ad or to call you.

If the searcher clicks on your ad, she will be taken to your website, from which point she can call you to set up an appointment, or can decide to go elsewhere. This transaction is called a "click" and you will pay X amount of money for the click. The price you pay per click depends mostly on how competitive your industry is and how many people are competing to be ranked on Google for the keyword search terms you are targeting.

One very powerful aspect of PPC advertising is the fact that your business can attract online visitors by achieving page one Google rankings almost instantly. When organized and managed professionally, this form of advertising can provide a very good ROI.