Search Engine Optimization

SEO Is The Second Main Way That People Searching On Google (Or Other Search Engines) Can Find Your Business, Products Or Services.

On the surface, the way SEO works appears to be very similar to the way PPC works. People can search on Google or other search engines for certain products or services, and advertisements from companies which are using SEO effectively will appear in the Google search results. However, the technology that drives SEO is very different from PPC. To achieve page one SEO search results is not an exact science. It can take months to achieve page one listings for certain keywords, or longer, depending on how competitive the industry or keywords are.

A major advantage of SEO when compared to PPC is that if you are able to achieve page one rankings for your search terms, you do not have to pay each time someone clicks on your ad. Rather, you will pay a flat monthly fee for all the work that is required to obtain and maintain your SEO rankings. Therefore, you could end up saving a substantial amount with SEO versus PPC advertising in the long run.

SEO requires something called "optimization" (both on your website and off your website in the online world) to increase rankings on the search engines. It also requires links to other reputable websites with relevant content, in addition to fresh relevant content creation. With Fast Traction Marketing, we will evaluate your business and determine if an SEO strategy is the right path for you. Often times, we recommend a "Rapid Market Testing" approach using PPC advertising initially, and once we have determined which keywords are producing the best ROI, we can then construct a longer term SEO strategy based on that data.